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The program of the JCC Prague aims to appeal to the Jewish community, the cultural public as well as foreign visitors. Till we will be able to meet, we focus on online content and create for you inspiring program such as:

  • J-cast: podcast about contemporary Jewish and Israeli topics by Jan Fingerland

  • J-cast: Israelis in Prague by Irena Kalhousová

  • J-cast: Interviews with interesting personalities

  • J-cast pod30 (under30): podcast by young generation

  • Podcast Předvařená bible (Pre-cooked Bible)

  • Animated guide through Jewish holidays (not only) for kids

  • J-deli: cooking with Andrea a Petra Ernyei

  • Are We There Yet, Moses? A bit different Pesach Haggadah (not only) for kids

  • Cookbook Don't be afraid of Gefitle fish


Naše vize

Our vision

  • Lively community center of Jewish life without borders 

  • Open space for meeting, dialogue, education, inspiration and networking

  • Initiator of quality projects with culture and social impact

  • Interesting venue on the Prague cultural map for locals and visitors from abroad

  • Financially self-sufficient and sustainable, supported by private and public sources

  • Partner for cooperation with relevant organizations, contemporary artists and personalities, as well as innovative companies



About us

JCC Prague aims to be a central hub for exploring and interpreting the richness, variety and implications of adopting or developing a contemporary Jewish Identity through the mediums of culture, learning and the arts. JCC offers freely accessible, open to all, culturally inspiring place. It will be a place for learning, creativity and innovation. It will be a center of the Jewish life in Prague. JCC Prague aspires to be a favorite spot for Praguers as well as visitors of Prague. It will become an established part of the Jewish community, yet it will remain an open place for all.


The JCC in Prague wants to achieve the above (and more) by addressing and celebrating Jewish identity through participatory actions in culture and the arts. This framework will connect young and young at heart Czech and expat Jews, non-Jewish aficionados of Jewish culture and culturally curious visitors by producing events that present, frame, and engage ideas and principles of Jewish culture, tradition, history and lore in a manner which is relevant to life in the 21st century with its unique challenges affecting sense of identity and purpose. The events, lessons, workshops and public program will offer people of all ages a framework to ask what it means to be Jewish in our dynamic daily lives, providing an added layer and mindset to the one offered by the formal community institutions.

Annual report 2020

Annual report 2021

Annual report 2022

Budte soucasti

Be part of it

JCC Prague is financed mainly from private sources and our activities would not be possible without the contribution of generous donors who share our vision. We offer various ways how to support our activities. Join the project which contributes to the future of the Jewish Prague. Contact us.




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